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Contact Sarah to make an appointment for one of Beauty Girl's facial services, available exclusively from its Crofton Downs salon*.

Thalgo Luxury Facials
Heart of Ocean Ritual Facials
Beauty Girl Signature Facials
Dr. Hill Peel Facials
Beauty Girl Facial Add-ons
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Thalgo Luxury Facials


Enjoy pure bliss, while giving your skin the treatment it deserves. Beauty Girl's treatment room is especially prepared for you, with special attention to your comfort, the temperature, scents, candle lighting, hot towels and relaxing background music.

Beauty Girl offers four different options for Thalgo-based facials, meaning you can choose just the right one for you.

  • Thalgo's intensive Heart of the Ocean Ritual facials capture the vital force of the oceans, concentrated at the heart of carefully tailored treatments to meet the specific needs of every skin type. Effective professional products and a sensuous, relaxing facial massage are available in two treatments to suit skin type and needs.
  • Beauty Girl's two Signature facials are the perfect way to combine glorious relaxation with a real treat for your skin. Both facials utilise Thalgo products for cleansing, toning, exfoliation, facial massage, moisturising and a lovely Ultra Radiance Mask - a name which says it all! The Signature Deluxe facial includes a special glycolic peel as well, for an extra level of skin treatment.

Paradise for the mind, body and soul ... whichever Beauty Girl facial you decide on!



Thalgo Luxury Facials:
Heart of the Ocean Ritual

Heart of the Ocean Ritual 1 - smallUniversal and premium treatments for all skin types, all ages, all year-round

A serum packed with active marine ingredients is applied with Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean Ritual facial massage, recreating the rhythmic motions of the sea to relax the facial muscles and relieve tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. This is followed by a skin-specific mask to correct any skin concerns. The treatment finishes with an application of moisturisers to leave the complexion restored to its natural beauty.

Beauty Girl's luxurious and intensive Thalgo Heart of the Ocean Ritual facials begin with a gentle cleanse for your eyes and lips, followed by a double face cleanse and tone, then an in-depth exfoliation. A hydration concentrate specific to your skin’s needs is applied, before massage cream is used for a special Heart of the Ocean Ritual facial massage. Next, a double-mask is applied, consisting of a skin-specific cream mask and a marine infusion mask. The mask is given time to set and fully infuse Thalgo's marine goodness into your skin. The mask is then removed and finishing creams designed to address individual skin needs are applied around your face and eyes.


60-minute Source Marine Facial: $85.00

Typically for normal or dehydrated skin
  Source Marine 2 - small

This facial corrects the hydration level of dehydrated skin for lasting effect.

Deeply replenished, the skin's velvety-smooth feel and original radiance is gently restored.


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75-minute Cold Cream Marine Facial: $95.00

Typically for sensitive, dry or very dry skin

An oasis for dry and sensitive skin, this treatment delivers the essence of the Cold Cream Marine recipe, a Thalgo exclusive.

The end result is lasting nourishment and an increase in hydration tolerance of delicate and fragile skin.

Cold Cream Marine 1 - small  


Thalgo Luxury Facials:
Beauty Girl Signature

Customised premium facials, exclusive to Beauty Girl


60-minute Signature Facial: $78.00

Thalgo face - smallAn all-round facial for most skin types

This delightful and relaxing Thalgo-based facial consists of gentle cleansing followed by a special skin-toning solution and a thorough exfoliation. Thalgo's wonderful Ultra Radiance Mask is then applied and allowed to set so your skin has time to absorb all of the ingredients' marine goodness. The treatment is finished off with application of a 24-hour gel moisturiser.


90-minute Signature Deluxe Facial: $99.00

Facial generic 3Two wonderful facials combined into one treatment, for most skin types

In addition to all the treatments using Thalgo products included in Beauty Girl's Signature Facial above, enjoy the benefits of skin rejuvenation and repair with an additional 30-minute Glycolic Peel Facial using special AHA glycolic and lactic acid formulation.



Dr. Hill Peel Facials

  Deep treatments for therapeutic cleansing  

30-minute Glycolic Peel Facial: $45.00

When you need deep treatment, try this special facial, which uses Dr. Hill's New Window safe and effective glycolic and lactic acids. Both are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which have been used for centuries to rejuvenate and enrich skin. AHA facials provide deep treatment for when the skin on your face needs some extra help, cleaning out pores and giving you a healthy, natural glow that feels great too.


60-minute Glycolic Peel & Mask Facial with Face Massage: $70.00

Peel Facial - mediumIn addition to the AHA facial described above, this facial includes a specially selected mask based on your specific skin needs after a relaxing facial massage to stimulate blood supply.



Facial Add-ons


Wrinkle-Control Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask: $17.00

Upgrade your facial to restore the youth and radiance of your eye contours.

Eyecare 2 - smallRejuvenating and hydrating the sensitive and fragile skin around your eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced within 10 minutes. Refreshed, smoothed and relaxed, the eye contours appear younger.


Luxurious 30-minute Relaxing Bath: $37.00

Candle - smallStart your facial by relaxing with a hot soak in Beauty Girl's deep full-length bath, set in a totally private and large, modern bathroom next door to the therapy room, with soft background music and candle-lit mood lighting.

The icing on the cake is Thalgo's incredible effervescent Lagoon Water Pebbles, containing water lily and algae extracts. Delicately perfumed, the pebble dissolves easily in the bath to create a blue-lagoon oasis of relaxation. (Thalgo Lagoon Water Pebbles are also available for separate purchase, priced at $11.40 each.)

In no time, you will feel your stresses melt away, preparing both your skin pores and your spirit for the pampering treatments ahead.



Consultation and Advice


Simply contact Sarah for a free personalised facial skin consultation.

* Beauty Girl's treatment services are provided in its Crofton Downs salon only.  Beauty Girl does not provide mobile or in-home treatment services.