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Treatment Menu: Body Skincare

Contact Sarah to make an appointment for one of Beauty Girl's body skincare services, available exclusively from its Crofton Downs salon*.


Body Scrub & Tan

  The ideal treatment for that special occasion … or if it’s simply time to give yourself a treat!  

Half Body: $60.00

Full Body: $90.00


Sarah applies a deeply exfoliating scrub, before massaging in a high-quality body moisturiser. She then applies a salon-only tan treatment which sets overnight, but does not stain clothes or bedding. These tan treatments are ‘massage-in’, meaning they are much more effective than spray-on types which sit on the surface of the skin.



Back Care

  Look after that long-forgotten area!  

Back Treatment: $68.00


After a cleanse and exfoliating scrub which removes dead skin to leave a pleasant sensation and healthy glow, Sarah will apply a mask especially suitable for the skin on your back. She will then pay particular attention to any spots on your back such as blackheads and pimples, with the assistance of hot towels and steam to open your pores. Sarah will then finish off with a special moisturiser, leaving your back feeling just like new.



Consultation and Advice


Simply contact Sarah for a free personalised consultation on treatment and care of your body skin.

* Beauty Girl's treatment services are provided in its Crofton Downs salon only.  Beauty Girl does not provide mobile or in-home treatment services.